Comté cheese dairies in the Jura

Comté cheese is made in 160 village cheese dairies, known as “fruitières” in French. Each day they collect milk from the surrounding farms.

It takes 450 litres of milk to make one 40-kilo wheel of Comté. The Fruitière à Comté de la Vallée du Hérisson in Doucier is a few kilometres from the Domaine du Lac de Chambly. It produces 11,000 wheels of cheese a year! Visit the dairy to learn about cheesemaking, and to taste and buy cheese!

You’ll find information here on making Comté cheese on the Doucier dairy website (French only).

A little further on, near Clairvaux-les-Lacs, Fruitière 1900 in Thoiria is open in the summer for visits. Here, they use traditional cheesemaking methods with a guided commentary by the cheesemaker during production (mornings only).