Lake Chambly is for you and you alone

The Domaine du Lac de Chambly sits in 100 hectares. The entirely enclosed private lake is a paradise for lovers of nature, fishing and peace. You and your family can fish here to your heart’s content, without being disturbed. You will be the only people with access to the lake. The whole of the estate is fenced and out of reach to inquisitive passers-by. You’re at home. This is what makes it so unique. And what’s more, this natural setting has been preserved and protected for many years.

You won’t believe eyes, and you’ll leave with a new lease of life.

Happiness guaranteed.

Lac de Chambly seen from the sky

35 hectares just for you!

You’ll no longer count the hours, but the birds or fish perhaps? The estate provides you with a boat and oars. You can also fish or swim from the pontoon which has a ladder at the end of it. The water of the lake is clear, and like all lakes in the Jura, its colour goes from blue to emerald green as the light changes.

As for the gîte, its 4-star rating means its design is rivalled only by its comfort.